People often enter into counselling in an effort to better understand and overcome personal struggles, problems and conflict. Our work together is aimed at removing the barriers that prevent you from experiencing the ease, love and balance you seek for yourself and others.

Our role in this process is that of a guide, facilitator and witness of your expanded awareness. We support and inspire you to tap into your inner resources and wisdom. We walk alongside you through the turbulent waves and the ebb and flow of change, offering you compassion, non-judgment and patience.

Together we foster repair and restoration, find meaning and hope, as we journey with you toward your harmony and wholeness.

Anam Cara

We chose to name our practice Anam Cara because for us, it captures the sacred nature of therapeutic relationship. Anam is the Gaelic word for soul, and Cara is the word for friend. Anam Cara is soul friend or friend of your spirit.  As your Anam Cara, we pledge to honour and hold all that you bring, with special recognition of relationship that is based in acceptance, presence and compassion. We cherish and deeply respect connection to Essence and interconnection to all relations.

About Us

We each bring a unique blend of professional and personal experience to our work, along with our own areas of focus and specialty.

Our approach integrates western and eastern psychotherapy methods along with ancient wisdom teachings. We describe our practice as holistic. The word holistic is based in the Greek root ‘holos’, which means ‘whole’.  Holistic psychotherapy is whole person therapy that embodies an approach that is interested in much more than your symptoms, we are interested in all aspects of your experience and connection to your Essence. We recognize the mind, body, spirit, and earth as inseparable and that the whole of who you are is greater than the sum of its parts.